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Frequently Asked Questions


Study Abroad has a history since 2007 in the student recruitment industry for foreign universities/colleges. Origination of the company has a momentous story behind. The Founder of Study Abroad bestowed with widespread experience since year 2000 in the field of foreign education with encircled settings.

The realization over the years is that majority of Sri Lankan students require unswerving information, guidance and assistance to discover their hidden talents to fit themselves for opportunities obtainable around the world, and then thrive through the pathways to make them ready to grab such opportunities.

Study Abroad is an educational consultant to lend hands to such students/families in most dependable way.


Students and majority of parents in Sri Lanka needs something special and serious which would decide the future of the student.

Our children are super talented given the opportunity to support them discover themselves and provide information of rapidly changing educational and occupational trends.  What world expects from them and what they expect from world would be the same if they were given hand with right guidance.

We here at Study Abroad support students to get to this realization with unlimited counseling. We help them decide what they require, and not what we require as a Foreign Student Recruitment firm focusing to recruit students for universities/colleges.  We put our business purpose in 2nd priority in terms of recruitment as the founding reasons behind is to inspire every student reaching us to be special because they are special.


In terms of services
  • Major strength of Study Abroad is having the strongest backbone to let students rest on our shoulders until the time they are on right track. Counseling plays the major role at Study Abroad.
  • A very pleasant and trained team to work for students
  • Study Abroad provides an excellent ambience for students to be trained in-house with English Language and IELTS classes.
In terms of business
  • From the inception, over 100ds of students are recruited in countries we work for while 1000ds of students have been guided through our counseling efforts. Our services have been so far based on word-of-mouth.
  • Visa success rate of our students are almost 100% each year because students are filtered in the process of recruitment.
  • Students of Study Abroad are mostly achievers with self- fulfillment around the world.


The Study Abroad website and FB fan page is regularly updated with student/parent testimonials.

However you are absolutely welcome to create personal chats/communication with students as per their availability/willingness to do so once you are a prospective student of Study Abroad. Please seek assistance from Study Abroad office.


Study Abroad evaluate a student in 3 components in recruitment for a university/college and also, mainly the filtering becomes rigid in evaluating student’s success rate in obtaining a visa.

  • Achievement level – defines students educational/professional grounds and skills
  • Achievement method – defines academic growth and purpose
  • Immigration review – defines suitability / eligibility on immigration criteria pertains to selected country

We believe in working for eligible students while we counsel other students with unlimited efforts to choose pathways that suits them accurately.


World educational systems and top countries for better education keep changing time to time. However, today’s global requirements of choosing work forces are different. Leadership, digital literacy, Emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, communication, Team working, global citizenships are top global skills needed to survive and be successful in anything you want to be.

It is an evident factor through research and occurrences that education makes individuals more productive, which will increase income levels and obliterate poverty. However, in order to survive in global village, the top skills aforementioned are primary to inculcate in education systems no matter what the area of education you obtain in order to enter a career. Rapidly changing world needs contemporary education that constantly needs modernization. We find more exposure and internationally wanted skills in education from the developed world than from developing world.


It is primary to have self-awareness led by awareness in opportunities. You must be aware of skills, interests, values and motivations, personality, contacts, qualifications and location you are in to make a decision. Accordingly you are able to take action.

We encourage you to meet us.


Age is immaterial in decision making for higher studies. Yet, you must be aware that when taking a decision to go for foreign education, certain factors affect in order to obtain a visa. You must go for an evaluation of your general grounds in taking a decision for higher studies abroad to identify if you are actually eligible.

If this evaluation isn’t done reliably, you would end up in disappointment, loss of your valued time and money for whatever the process it involves.


Study Abroad is highly specialized for educational counseling, obtaining placements for higher studies from universities and colleges, visa process involves with each country that you opt to study in.

Study Abroad is not specialized or licensed so far to handle any other category of visa other than family visas pertain to a student opting to study abroad.

We also would take this opportunity to make a note that our priority is higher education abroad.


This is a crucial question to answer. Before choosing a country for higher studies, we recommend you evaluating yourself on the following.

  1. Specialty would like to study?
  2. Your career expectations?
  3. Your affordability?
  4. Your long-term plans?

You may be lost in finding answers or you may be having an idea of it or you may be well aware of what your answer has to be. The best would be to meet us for a free counseling session thus we can understand you, evaluate your background and guide you accordingly.


Countries that Study Abroad works for (USA, New Zealand, Canada and UK) are giving this opportunity to students. Each country has its own immigration requirements and expectations in this regard.

We will educate you once you are very clear in the decision of choosing a country.


This is a question that we would like to genuinely talk about. Study Abroad works with extreme knowledge and known in the market for foreign education and career counseling. For eligible students we work in obtaining placements for higher studies and attending to visa processes that involves along with other matters that relates to the process. We find the type of services that Study Abroad is into hardly available for students as the industry is more business minded directly or indirectly.

Commonly students expect educational & career guidance with extreme commitment and reliable services that they are totally dependent on.

Students are with variety of requirements or we identify students’ abilities and skills differently under which counseling and guidance is provided. In this scenario we do not promote any country or an educational provider. This totally goes as free services with unlimited support and time consumption.

But we strongly believe in recruiting students for diversified study areas choosing suitable universities and countries. In such cases, a partnership between Study Abroad and university targeting commission is not at all important to us. We sometimes may not have relationship with such universities to claim commissions for provision of services. We also refrain from having too many university/college partnerships due to pressure loaded on us to meet recruitment targets. Thus we consider ourselves to be independent in certain situations to provide our services in a better and genuine way for students.

What matters to us is to recruit the student to the correct university with course availability to optimize student’s academic and career potential. In such cases, the student is free to choose Study Abroad to get pertinent work done from placement, visa, airport pick up to accommodation by paying a very reasonable service fee. An official agreement which outlines clear rules and regulations are singed between the student/parents and Study Abroad in such incidents.