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Message from Managing Director

SA was founded in 2007 as a result of wide-ranging experience over a decade in the field of higher education. Knowledge and experience plays a major role in this industry, and proudly Study Abroad has been appreciated for its real purpose of being in the market.

Sri Lanka is thriving towards rapid development to be in par with the developed world. In order to be survivors of competitiveness in industries, young generation needs contemporary guidance, career support based on their abilities and assistance to lay the foundation for contemporaneous education with exposure. In this endeavor, higher education in developed world plays a fruitful and major role.

As for those who aspire to pursue their higher education, careers and residence in developed countries, the aforementioned factors considered categorically common as well.

In Sri Lanka, we find exceptional capabilities and brilliance among our young generation. Unfortunately, a great deal of hitch slows the progress in their futures mainly due to lack of guidance and support systems for advancement. At Study Abroad, we take immense effort to have aforementioned grounds in place for students and show avenues to emerge with inherited abilities to go hand in hand with rapid transformations of the world.

SA stays away from the communal approach to the market by providing a service that is contrary to the general business idea of Student Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka. Thus the services are extremely tailored.

At SA, our ultimate aim is to show the pathway to those dreaming about discovering themselves and laying emphasis on their futures. We are committed in inspiring each student reaches us to be special because each one is special!